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Follow your Qi-Flow

The Secret of the Life Force Qi

The Theory behind Talent Profiling


Yin and Yang

Talent Profiling is based on Chinese philosophy and metaphysics, which centers on the idea that all things in the universe follow certain rules with the ultimate aim to create harmony.


These rules can be explained by the opposing principles of Yin and Yang. Just as Yang always contains some Yin, Yin holds a little bit of Yang. The basic premise is that the interaction between these two opposing forces creates the life energy known as Qi.


The concept of Qi is also reflected in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the natural sciences and Asian martial arts. All humans are influenced by Qi. In terms of Western standards, the word Qi means as much as “wireless energy transmission”.


The Five Elements

Qi can be broken down into five separate elements, which, in turn, are contained in a larger cycle and dependent on certain principles. This principle forms the basis for the Theory of the Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.


With the help of the Chinese Five Elements Theory, we can measure the composition of and interaction between the single energy elements and, from there, determine which talents and abilities you received when you were born. The starting point for the calculation is the date and time of your birth.

The Characteristics of the Five Elements

The model of the Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) arises from a cyclical, procedural understanding, whereby the elements are perceived as phases of transformation – energy states, which nurture and supersede each other.


According to the theory, each person is born with a unique DNA blueprint, i.e. his or her very own parcel of these Five Elements. The elements are associated with certain energetic qualities, which make it possible to reveal a special ability, a special talent in a person.

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