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The Characteristics of the Five Elements


Fire Personality

Joy for Life & Passion

A Fire personality is easy to recognise. They laugh out loud and often continue laughing when everyone else is done. They are carefree, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. A strong Fire personality is expressive, charismatic and warm-hearted – they love inspiring joy in people, making them happy, giving them warmth and supporting them in their endeavours. 


Earth Personality

Trust & Care

The image that best represents the Earth personality is one of a sturdy, unshakeable mountain. For Earth people, life is about people. Communities, connections, friends, and love are very important. Trust is one of their most important values in life. Earths are loyal and steady and cherish security, care and stability. Their mission is to help others, not the other way around.


Metal Personality

Justice & Elegance

To imagine a Metal person think of a strong monument like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, honourable, calm and steady. Metal people are orderly and searching for a sort of perfection in life, a purity in all that they perceive and observe. They have high values and do not readily emote or discuss feelings. They don’t want drama and feel comfortable when they have control over situations. 


Water Personality

Intuition, Mobility & Intelligence

Water personalities are known for their ability to embrace change and tend to be non-conformists. They have one of the deepest and most penetrating, imaginative, and intelligent minds. They are intriguing conversationalist - easygoing and powerful at the same time. Creativity comes natural to the Water person. And by the way, Waters love food, they enjoy all kind of food and indulge in it - it’s their comfort.


Wood Personality

Growth & Flexibility

To imagine a Wood person think of a solid, tall and unbreakable tree growing towards the sky, with roots deep in the earth. Wood people are doers. They turn ideas into action and make things happen. They exude confidence and inspire us to set out and realise our dreams. Wood people grow stronger under pressure and they know that personal responsibility and hard work are what it takes to get ahead. They want to be the best.

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