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Your Sparring Partner & Coach

When it comes to your talents and your career - I'm your sparring partner and coach!

Let’s work together to build your personal brand and set you on the right path to pursue a career best suited to your natural skill set.


I believe it's important, that you find solutions that are both realizable and sustainable. A concrete plan instead of just a good feeling.


I'd like to give you the support you need to help you find more clarity, orientation and security.

A Few Details About Me

My name is Karin Ohmann, I'm a Swiss native with an intrinsic joy for life and a passion for unconventional knowledge. I love being around others and I’m in my “element” when I can inspire joy in people, make them happy, giving them warmth and supporting them in their endeavours.


This is why I love what I’m doing! I’m advising my clients on how to thrive in their career by knowing their talents and turning those into their Unique Selling Points.


Presently living in Ireland, I have spent the last couple of years in South East Asia. When I left my home-country Switzerland, I also left behind my own HR consultancy and executive search business.

While exploring the Asian culture I got “hooked” on an ancient Chinese philosophy and its underlying idea, that each person, when he or she is born, receives a legacy: A unique profile, a personal DNA Blueprint.


I quickly realised that it’s a unique way of decoding a person’s character traits, talents, strengths and abilities, in an entirely “unembellished” way - without make-up, so to speak. As your hidden talents become visible, you are given a wholly new perspective when it comes to making decisions.

I've combined these two valuable sources and evolved a holistic approach to analyse a person's talent portfolio. 

Looking at my own journey, I would like to encourage everybody who is searching for a new direction in their career to pinpoint your own talents and thrive in doing what you love!

Your First Step To A Fulfilling Career!

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