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Career Coaching


with Talent Profiling

An 8 Week Program:

1-1 Sessions, Analysis & Inspiration

Gain massive clarity and a practical plan of action to achieve your career goals successfully

Over the course of 8 weeks we will work together in private, tailor-made sessions, on-line or in-person, to develop strategies for:

  • shaping a life with more meaning, satisfaction and passion

  • making decisions about if and when to leave your job or if you should start your own business

  • boosting your career by improving your leadership and work performance, or development plan

  • setting better goals or reaching them faster

  • dealing with stress, worry and overwhelm by gaining clarity about your obvious and hidden talents

Career Coaching With Talent Profiling

5 Steps To Your Career Fulfilment

Together we will uncover your talents, discover your passions and implement a plan of action tailored to your strengths to ensure you find a new career that fulfils and excites you.


We must first know where you are going in order to get you there.

What do you want to achieve? What is your ideal position?


What have you previously been doing? What did you like/dislike? The purpose of this step is to really understand what you truly desire in a position and your career. Here I take you through my customised assessment.


Now we look at your character, your DNA Blueprint and put a focus on the package of talents you were born with.


Together, we will go over the results of the analysis so that you fully understand your strengths and how they can be maximised within your next career. Knowing these results provide you with massive clarity, confidence and assurance when discussing your abilities.


Launch your future and set the plan in motion. Now it’s time to put everything we’ve worked on together into action to secure that position you’ve been dreaming of!

The Signature Package

Signature Package

I'm based in Dublin, Ireland, but I work with clients based all over the world. My 8 week Signature Program includes the following:

  • Three 60-90 min customised sessions with myself, either in person or online

  • Customised needs assessment

  • Tailor-made Talent Profiling analysis

  • Written report of my analysis

  • Unlimited email support for questions, good news, discussion of post openings, etc

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