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Personal Branding

Core Program

The Road To Recognition

Understand Your Brand Is All About The Real YOU!

Having a strong personal brand puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to career and business opportunities. It also gives you a leg up in your industry, opening doors and making connections that would otherwise be challenging without your brand to pave the way.


But how do you get there? Most people start by creating a presence on social channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook BUT don't take shortcuts. The core of every brand is your personal DNA Blueprint. Be clear about WHO YOU ARE.

We will work together across private, tailor-made sessions - either online or in person - to hone your personal brand. This will prove an invaluable asset for your:

  • Curriculum vitae / resume:
    It's still an absolute necessity, but it's never been harder for your resume to stand out in a crowd of experienced candidates than it is today. 


  • LinkedIn profile:
    It's more viewed than your resume and it plays a vital role in your professional success.


  • Visibility in your niche:
    You’ll give your business a distinct and powerful advantage when you understand how to market your true talents. 

Personal Branding With Talent Profiling

3 Steps To Discover Your Personal DNA Blueprint

It’s no longer enough to be excellent at what you do. You need to convince others of your excellence and take an active role in how you are perceived in the world.


What have you previously been doing? I would like to understand what you truly desire in your position and your career. Here I take you through my customised assessment.


Now we look at your character, your DNA Blueprint and put a focus on the package of talents you were born with.


Together, we will go over the results of the analysis so that you fully understand your strengths and how they can be maximised for your mission. Knowing these results provide you with massive clarity, confidence and assurance when branding yourself.

The Core Package

I'm based in Dublin, Ireland, but my clients are based all over the world. The comprehensive Core Program includes the following:

  • Two 30-45 min customised sessions with myself, either in person or online

  • Customised needs assessment

  • Tailor-made Talent Profiling analysis

  • Written report of my analysis

Credentials & Testimonials

Credentials & Testimonials

To date, my holistic approach has helped many people to successfully navigate a promotion, return from a career break and to find new careers better suited to their strengths and talents. Here are just some of the publications my work has been featured in:

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