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The Gateway To Your Personal Brand & Job Satisfaction

Welcome, I'm Karin

My passion is to guide professionals like you to thrive in your career and feel fulfilled in what you do. Would you like to discover the secret weapon you possess that will enable you to stand out from the crowd and embark on a career you love? 

Through my 5-step holistic approach to career success, you receive a tailored experience with the objective being results - time and time again. 

Who I Work With...

Are you looking at a career that has been successful but perhaps not altogether fulfilling? Accelerate your job satisfaction with the power of your unique strengths and enjoy a more rewarding ride.

Career  Changer

Are you a student or professional newcomer? Understand your natural talents and map out your career steps to land your dream role effectively.

Professional Newcomer

Have you found the right career path but you realise it’s no longer enough to be excellent at what you do? You can catapult your careers’ success by applying your true talents in your role.

Career Climber

Do you want to increase your visibility and stand out in your niche? You’ll give your business a distinct and powerful advantage when you understand how to market your true talents.


Take Your Career To New Heights

The Secret Lies In Your DNA!

I've dedicated my career to helping others find fulfilment in their work. Not only do I love helping people ‘un-earth’ their natural talents, I love seeing the results they get in their careers when they understand their key strengths! I developed my signature holistic approach, that analyses your profile and pinpoints the key characteristics that make you unique. 

I discovered this philosophy when I was living in Southeast Asia, and it asserts that we are all born with a package of energy that dictates our personality and character traits. I combine these two valuable sources in order to help you understand your natural skillset or, as I like to call it, your DNA Blueprint, so that you can find the path best suited to you, and in turn, your ideal career path.

"Be yourself -

everyone else is taken."


Oscar Wilde

Let's Work Together!

Find fulfilment & experience the life you truly deserve

Do you find yourself working a job you seem to have somehow 'stumbled into'? Are you ready to transform your career and finally, go to work feeling excited and passionate about what you do, rather than fed up and drained?


For the vast majority, living for the weekend is the 'norm' and work is something to be considered mundane. However, it doesn't have to be that way! Once you become fully aware of your innate strengths, and the characteristics and abilities that differentiate you in the eyes of your ideal employer, it IS possible to land the job you've always dreamed of. 

Introductory Session


Personal Branding


  Career   Coaching


Transform Your Career & Change Your Life

5 Steps To Your Career Fulfilment

Changing career can feel like a daunting (and sometimes impossible) step, and so it's incredibly important that you feel rooted and confident in your decision. My analysis adopts a holistic methodology; one that combines my expertise as a Career Coach with an Asian philosophy that identifies the unique components of your personality. With this insight, I can show you how to identify where your natural strengths and talents lie, and subsequently, how you can apply that innate skill-set to reap the most satisfying reward - a career you love.  Your ideal employer will find you irresistible!


Agree objectives




Understand Strengths and Talents


Create a Career Action Plan


Pursue your Path with Executable Steps

"Tap into your natural strengths & talents to get the most out of your career."

Credentials & Testimonials

To date, my holistic approach has helped many people to successfully navigate a promotion, return from a career break and to find new careers better suited to their strengths and talents. Here are just some of the publications my work has been featured in:

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Woman Entrepreneur.jpeg
Impulse Logo.jpg

Karin helped realise my strengths, skills and potential. As a result, I changed my mindset and gained confidence to present myself in an authentic manner in interviews.

Caroline, Zurich

I was struggling to identify a career that would fulfil me. Karin helped me recognise what I wanted from a job and what type of job would suit me.

Walter, Singapore

There is a strength & confidence knowing that I can control things in my life. I feel ready to start my own business, being assured that I will succeed. 

Alice, Dublin

Unlock Your Career Potential

You have nothing to lose & everything to gain!

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